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February is American Heart Month!

February 5, 2019

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January 17, 2018


So when my blog launched January 15th it was also the start of me getting this summer body together. I took a trip on over to amazon.com and pick up a few essentials that I needed. I’ve attached the links to the Amazon pages below as well. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions! 




The first product I picked up was this Triple Leaf super slim detox tea. This detox tea is LEGIT! It’s an all natural herbal tea that promotes detoxification and digestion help. I drink it when I have been on a bad eating binge like I was over the holidays or when I feel super bloated. This tea WILL have you in the bathroom so make sure you drink it on days that you have nothing to do hahahaha! The other half of this 2 tea pack is the regular detox tea. The detox tea supports the liver, kidney, lungs and blood detoxification. This is good for just getting yourself in a good place. Getting rid of the bad toxins our body takes in on a daily basis. Using these two together  is a good way to start your journey. This 2 pack at Amazon was only about $8 which isn’t bad!



The next pick up was the Omron Fat Loss Monitor. This monitors your body fat percentage and your body mass index or BMI. This is a good tool because weight is not always the best indicator of healthiness. This was a really good purchase!!! The monitor is light weight, but well designed. It came with batteries which is always a plus and it even has a chart that told you what low, healthy, high and very high bmi and body fat ranges are. You can also create profiles (up to 6) so you can track your progress through your journey. This is about a $29 product. I’ll do a post soon on why it is important to track your bmi and fat percentage along with weight. 




The last pick up was the Garden of Life Chocolate Protein Powder. This is by far my favorite protein. it doesn’t have that strange protein flavor or grit like some powders and it is vegan friendly. It has a nice amount of probiotic and there’s even bcaa’s included with is good for post workout recovery. This particular powder also gives you an energy boost to get you through your workout or day. The Garden of Life line also has a meal replacement that I love in the chocolate flavor as well. You can throw this in a blender bottle with some soy/almond milk and go or make a smoothie with it. The 22oz can is about $33 on Amazon which is cheaper than what I’ve seen in the stores. 









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