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February is American Heart Month!

February 5, 2019

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Accountability Partner, do you have one?

February 21, 2018


Hey!!! I'm sure you missed me these last few weeks! I missed y'all too. I fell off the wagon I'm getting it together slowly, but surely. Today let's chat about the pros of having an accountability partner for your journey. When I first started my journey my BFF Vicki was the one that held me accountable "You're welcome for your shout out". She called me every morning for my 6AM workout session, made sure I was eating the right things, pushed me to workout even when I didn't feel like it, even called me out on my BS when I came up with excuses. Having someone like that to give you that extra push is IMPORTANT.  Believe it or not this blog is actually holding me accountable as well. It's kind of hard to talk about something and get folks to believe it when you're not really living it yourself. Being able to share my journey with y'all is a way for me to stay the course and I expect y'all to blow my phone up and ask where the hell is my Simply Kaye email on a weekly basis. Some of y'all didn't need me to tell y'all that lol.  What I need you to do now is find that one person that supports you in your journey.  It can be your BFF, if bae is in the gym challenge yourself to go with some days having an actual gym partner is life! you hear me? LIFE!! Hell get a trainer, nobody in my pushed me to go harder in the gym than X. What you don't need is a negative Nancy that thinks drinking teas and doing the cabbage soup diet is the end all be all to weight loss *that was once upon a time me, but I saw the light lol*. You want someone that truly want the best for you. They don't have to see your vision, but should be able to support you near or far.


I am coming up on my 29th birthday *cough March 23rd I am already accepting gifts cough* and I have set some new fitness goals that I want to accomplish over the next 32 days. I'm counting on my chosen accountability partners to keep me focused. I mean my mind is already right, some days I might just need that extra push and I will lean on them to make sure I don't fall off. I'm also going to start this 30 day guns buns and ab challenge today so go on over to my next post and join the challenge with me let's push each other! 


I want to truly thank each and everyone of you being my cyber accountability partners. Every email, text, repost serves as more motivation for me to get up and keep grinding. Someone is always paying attention. The ex, the hater, the one that is just looking for that extra push to start the process. KEEP GOING! Tag you accountability partner below let them know it's time to get this work!!! 


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