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February is American Heart Month!

February 5, 2019

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February 5, 2019

Hey hey hey you miss me!!?? Sorry I have been so distant I have been super busy trying to study for my real estate test...I PASSED come see me in Atlanta for all your home buying needs (shameless plug lol) now that that's over I have more time on my hand I can focus on my blog, workouts and meal preps! As you know I did the January Whole30 and when I say it was though this time than when I did the September challenge I didn't think I was going to make it. Now as we know Whole30 is supposed to help eliminate things that could be allergen triggers, things that make you bloat, cause stomach issues things like that in my case Whole30 cause me to remind my triggers and had to give them up. So I have a nickel allergy and it's hasn't been that "bad" until this challenge. I know I'm not supposed to be eating certain fish and nuts, but when on Whole30 I need some things that are going to help fill me up or even put some almond butter in my Monkey Bowls for breakfast......WRONG CHOICE! I had so many allergic reactions it made no sense smh. This was one thing that I had to overcome during this challenge and also giving up seafood (which can cause a reaction too). Finding alternatives was saved by the great folks over at Pinterest lol. I will say though during this challenge I did feel the extra boost of energy, focus, skin got clearer and noticed there was a change in my mid section as far as bloating went. Scale wise I went from 162.4 to 154.4 which was good just for diet change and not much working out. I would definitely recommend you try Whole30 at least once. It's a great program to help you get more aware of how foods make your body react and eat "cleaner".  Pinterest will be a great resource for planning out your meals and the Whole30 compliant brands you'll find in the stores will also make life easier because you already know the ingredients that are in there have been reviewed. I'll make sure to add the links to the Whole30 website so you can check it out also make sure you follow my blog page on IG @simplykayeblog, there's a lot of good info there about Whole30 foods and brands to look for in the stores that are Whole30 compliant.  Also feel free to subscribe and send me an email or comment with more questions if this is something you plan on doing too (which I highly recommend)!!


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